Step 1: Registration

Click Here to start our simple registration process. You may obtain your certification through one of the following:

  • Live Training — Sign up for 1 day of live training and 32 hours of Online Training.
  • Home Study — Sign up for our home study DVD training (8 Hours) and 32 hours of Online Training.

Your user name and password allow you to access the online modules. Pay using our secure form — We accept all major cards.

Step 2: Attend Live Training or View the DVD

If you choose the live training option, you will attend the class for one day. If you choose the DVD training, we will ship the DVD home study package to you.

Step 3: Online Training

Once you have completed the live training or DVD training, you may complete the online training. When you register, you will provide a user name and password. Use the user name and password to login to the members area. You can click the Member Login link at the top of the page.

Class SampleWhen you first login to the members area you will see a list of all the modules that you need to take. Then click each module to see the online of each module. Each module contains a number of chapters. Each chapter contains multiple lessons which contain text, examples, and applications of the material. Many lessons are followed by a short quiz to help you master the material. Throughout the class are easy to follow exercises and instructions which guide you from page to page. Learning is made easy; the exercises are enjoyable, and the program is practical, comprehensive and a great learning experience.

You can take a break at any time during the class by selecting the logout link. Then when you login again later, the class will start again exactly where you left off. This way your can take the class as quickly or slowly as your want. This program is completely self-paced.

You can also go back and review any of the class material at any point during the class.

When you have completed all the modules, you will have completed the course and be eligible to receive your certificate.

Step 4: Receive your Certificate

As soon as you finish the all the online modules and the live or DVD training, please Contact Us. We will prepare your official Certificate of Completion and send it to you.

If at any time during the class you have a question regarding the class OR your certificate, you may Contact Us and we will quickly respond. Click here you are interested in our Parent Instructor Certification.